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& Community Partner.

Conqueror Consulting Group is a dynamic small business development firm based in Baton Rouge, committed to providing exceptional support to small businesses and local agencies. At the heart of our philosophy lies the belief in getting business right the first time.

We specialize in guiding startups within their initial three years to develop robust business plans that serve as springboards for growth opportunities. Our tailored services are designed to empower entrepreneurs with the strategic framework and actionable insights needed to thrive in competitive markets.

Additionally, we proudly collaborate with local agencies, lending our expertise to support their entrepreneurial initiatives. Whether it’s through workshop facilitation or offering contractual business consultancy services, we strive to foster a thriving ecosystem where businesses can flourish.

With Conqueror Consulting Group by your side, you can trust that your business aspirations will be met with unwavering dedication and unparalleled expertise. Let us help you navigate the path to success and realize your full potential.

Professional Development For Your Small Business.

Meanwhile, are you tired of struggling to manage your business? Imagine finally launching your big idea and taking your business to the next level!
Certainly, If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner struggling with managing, starting, or growing your company, we’ve got you covered.
Firstly, join our Facebook community and gain access to our library of expert guides and business templates that will help you streamline your operations and increase your revenue.
Once you’re in, you’ll also be able to participate in our monthly live Q&A sessions with our team of experienced consultants.

As a matter of fact, here’s what others are saying…

They have helped me to think outside the box and given me the resources, tools, and assistance needed to create a brand marketing strategy, perfect my business plan, create a strong target audience, perfect my mission statement, bring my core values to life, present me with grant opportunities, and connect me with a trusted banker.” – LaTyra Jackson

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Our Motto is Business Done Right The First Time!

Our Professional Business Consultants show aspiring entrepreneurs how to plan and introduce their innovative ideas efficiently.
In return, enabling them to transform their "side businesses," "skill sets," or "hobbies" into professional, financially viable business models.

Our Mission

At Conqueror Consulting Group, we are on a mission to empower aspiring business owners in underserved communities. Our unwavering commitment is to help minorities develop sound financial and planning habits as they create and operate their businesses. We firmly believe that with our support, these individuals can overcome any challenge and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Our Vision

The goal of Conqueror Consulting Group is to enhance financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills in underprivileged communities. By providing education and support, the organization aims to assist individuals and families in achieving longterm success.

Our Core Values


We advance knowledge, enhancing people’s “doing” and “thinking” processes.


We put novel approaches, theories, and tactics—each tailored to a particular circumstance—to the test.


We focus on assisting people in identifying their feeling of “being” as our main goal.



We value innovation and the emergence of fresh ideas, and we offer a framework for responsibility.

what we do

Educational & Support Services

Small Business Development & Support Services


Our Small Business Development Firm in Baton Rouge is dedicated to promoting ideas and side businesses through effective execution and education. Consequently, leading to strategic business planning and growth. Therefore, if you want to focus on working “on” your business instead of “in” it, you have come to the right place.
Self Paced Online Course for Aspiring Entrepreneurs & Start Ups

The online "Launch your D* Business" course from Conqueror Consulting Group will give ambitious business owners and start-ups the knowledge and skills they need to plan, organize, and successfully launch their enterprise.

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Our business planning services

We have you covered whether you need a business plan to convince lenders and funders to provide you money or a lender complaint website to increase your fundability.

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Our Community Impact

Conqueror Consulting Group has been giving back to the community by providing educational programs since 2020. However, our aim is to enhance financial literacy and business foundations in marginalized communities, with a focus on small business and credit education.

Launch Your Damn Business!

Are you prepared to take your business to the next level? With the result that you will win, let's go from 0 to 1000 together.

Are you ready to become the triumphant owner of a thriving business? Then seize the opportunity to be part of our Launch Your Damn Business Challenge.
Now that you’re ready let’s maximize your business potential by leveraging your expertise. Our comprehensive self-paced course on business formation and strategic planning will empower you to streamline your paperwork and drive business expansion with confidence. 
Overall you’ll gain access to cutting-edge mindset and mental health strategies, expert financial management tips, essential small business guidance, invaluable banking and growth opportunities, foundational financial education, unparalleled business plan creation, and highly effective marketing techniques. Additionally, you’ll receive exclusive entry into our private Facebook community for the Business Launch Challenge. 

Cost: $249 
Duration:7 Self-Paced Modules 

Learn from professional subject matter experts through our development modules.

Corporate to Coins Cohort

Corporate to Coins Cohort is an “exit” program for entrepreneurs who are ready to fire their nine-to-five.

Do you maintain a side business while working in a corporate setting? Are you prepared to use your “side hustle” to supplement your 9–5 income? 
Instead of quitting, wait and make a plan. If you don’t plan, you’ll plan to fail. 
Meanwhile, join the Corporate to Coins Cohort and establish a 6 to 18-month strategy to quit your job and start the career you’ve always wanted. 
Thus future “change-makers” and “creatives” are highly considered.
In light of barriers, we are aware that potential business owners may be discouraged from pursuing this cohort due to financial constraints. Therefore those who are facing hardship can be considered for a scholarship. 
You must submit both the Cohort Application and the Scholarship Application in order to be considered for a “partial” or “full” scholarship. 
Applications are considered on a rolling quarterly basis. 
Cost: $3280 Duration: 90 Days

Next Cohort: Fall 202


What Clients are saying about Conqueror Consulting Group

Based on 49 reviews
Domonique Mosely
Domonique Mosely
I am so thankful for BRAC for appointing Conqueror Consults and Nesha Brown. I love her organization and structure of her business. She listens to my every need for my business to become a successful reality. Nesha has helped me prepare for business ownership and I feel relieved to have her in my corner. She is a consultant and a spiritual cheerleader!! I would definitely recommend this awesome company. Thanks for everything!
Vexter Stewart
Vexter Stewart
I wish I would have been met Nesha & Conqueror Consulting Group. They are everything I need all in one. The professionalism and services are best. Thanks Conqueror Consulting Group y’all are the best.
Shaunya Weeden
Shaunya Weeden
Working with Conqueror Consulting Group has been the best experience while making my dreams a reality! Every step of the way the staff has held my hand and informed me of best practices that will make me successful and a respected brand. The staff here is a wealth of information on the beginning to ending process, even bringing visibility to their own success and how it will work for me too!! Very passionate and professional team!!
From a business partner standpoint, Conqueror Consulting Group provides superior service across the board. Dymonesha, is such a powerful and excellent business coach to our business community. She is so passionate about giving back to the communities we serve and she is consistent in what she does. She takes her time in helping and developing her clients one client at a time. Her systems are built to follow both with guidance and self-pace, whatever is the desire of the client. She is always assessable to her clients when they are need, overwhelmed or confused. She's not just a coach or consultant is process true understanding of their journey and provided mental support to her clients and is strong on developing trust with them. Dymonesha is a true leader and she loves what she does which is one of the major reasons for her success. She is consistently developing new skills and enhancing her knowledge to offer more to the communities, and she is also very driven to build beneficial connections and relationships with other likeminded individuals to help her serve her clients to the fullest level of potential. We have worked together close to a year now and Ms. Brown never seizes to amaze me with her drive and willingness to go over and beyond. She has become much more than a business partner, she more like family. The business community is lucky to have she a heartfilled passionate woman such as Ms. Brown.
jasmine lewis
jasmine lewis
The Business building class was very informative and invigorating. The overall class environment was welcoming and supportive. Everyone in the group had a voice and everyone received a chance to interact and be challenged! All of the knowledge I learned is going to help me not just have a LLC but actually have a well setup, professional, and secured business. I left feeling like a fire had been lit inside me and I cant wait to apply all of the knowledge I acquired into building my business! I would highly recommend this class and I look forward to working with CCG in many other ways on my journey!
Mended Locs By Shabbs
Mended Locs By Shabbs
Great experience overall. 10 out of 10 & I would recommend doing business with her if you’re ready to level up. I attended a class with Nesha about a month ago and I can honestly say that she has helped me take my company to the next level! She helped me understand how to leverage my talents to create multiple streams of income. She taught me perception vs reality and how important it is to nurture my business. If you’re willing to pay for knowledge & then put in the work when you go home then this is the company for you. If you want someone to do the work for you this is not the company for you. -Mended Locs
jessica stokes
jessica stokes
I took the hands on Business Building course and went in empty but left full. Full of knowledge, gems, strategies and inspiration. The class was very detailed and engaging. Nesha was patient and informative, you can tell she’s passionate about coaching others to have a successful business. It was so much information and important details that I lacked and/or didn’t have knowledge of, that was covered in the class.
Myia B.
Myia B.
Conquer Consulting Group has helped me work through my personal and business finances. I have purchased the Conquer Your Business and Prosper book and that was the jump start to my business, starting my business credit was important and I didn't know much about it, this book was very informative. I attended to 2 hour Secure your Brand and Bag and that was full of helpful tools and resources to help with my brand as well. The owner is very helpful, insightful and educated, she knows her stuff. I value her products & professionalism. Thank you for all that you do.

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