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Conqueror Consulting Group, based in Baton Rouge, is a leading firm dedicated to empowering small to medium businesses and agencies by providing educational and support services. Our commitment is rooted in ensuring business success from the outset, adhering to the highest standards of excellence and strategic insight. We take pride in our collaborations with local, state, and federal agencies, providing expertise to support their initiatives. Whether through workshop facilitation, virtual or in-person training, or offering contractual marketing, management, or business consultancy services, we strive to create a thriving ecosystem where our partners can thrive.

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At Conqueror Consulting Group, we are dedicated to driving the success of small businesses and agencies in Baton Rouge and beyond. Our comprehensive services encompass management and marketing consulting, educational support, and strategic planning. By partnering with us, you’ll gain access to unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions tailored to your unique challenges. Whether you’re looking to enhance your management practices, elevate your marketing efforts, or expand your team’s skills through targeted training, we are here to help you thrive. Join us in creating a vibrant business ecosystem where every enterprise can achieve sustainable growth and make a lasting impact on the community. Let us be the catalyst for your success.

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Our Motto is Business Done Right The First Time!

Our Professional Business Consultants show aspiring entrepreneurs how to plan and introduce their innovative ideas efficiently.
In return, enabling them to transform their “side businesses,” “skill sets,” or “hobbies” into professional, financially viable business models.


To empower small businesses and local agencies through comprehensive educational, support, and consulting services, fostering a culture of excellence and strategic growth.


Our vision is to build a community of successful businesses driven by our commitment to excellence, innovation, and strategic insights.

Core Values


We deliver easily digestible knowledge that enhances both the “thinking” and “doing” capabilities of individuals, fostering a deeper understanding and more effective actions.


We foster creativity and the generation of new ideas while providing a supportive framework for turning these ideas into actionable plans.


We experiment with and implement unique methods, ideas, and strategies tailored to each individual’s specific conditions and needs.


Our core mission is to help individuals discover and clarify their sense of purpose, guiding them towards a more meaningful existence.


We create high-value experiences that directly address the pain points of each unique audience, ensuring impactful and relevant outcomes.”

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At Conqueror Consulting Group, we are on a mission to empower aspiring business owners in underserved communities. Our unwavering commitment is to help minorities develop sound financial and planning habits as they create and operate their businesses. We firmly believe that with our support, these individuals can overcome any challenge and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

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Our Community Impact

Conqueror Consulting Group has been giving back to the community by providing educational programs since 2020. However, our aim is to enhance financial literacy and business foundations in marginalized communities, with a focus on small business and credit education.

What Clients are saying about Conqueror Consulting Group

20:07 16 May 24
I had an amazing experience, learning from a training, LinkedIn for Beginners. The course was a masterpiece, helped me fine-tune my LinkedIn profile, and positioned me more professionally in my field.
Edward DeckerEdward Decker
21:20 12 May 24
The LinkedIn for Beginners Masterclass led by Nesha was incredibly beneficial. I truly believe it's essential for anyone new to LinkedIn, given the wealth of information and tips provided. LinkedIn is an excellent networking tool, making it crucial to have your profile properly set up.
Christopher SpalatinChristopher Spalatin
19:45 26 Apr 24
Nesha is amazing, and I’ve repeatedly referred entrepreneurs to her for grants, marketing and growth strategies. CCG is always there when you need them
Marcus JamesMarcus James
17:00 01 May 23
LaTyra JacksonLaTyra Jackson
15:38 01 Mar 23
Through BRAC, I had the privilege of connecting with Conqueror Consulting Group LLC and I am already very confident with their help that my business will be successful! They have helped me to think outside the box and given me the resources, tools, and assistance needed to create a brand marketing strategy, perfect my business plan, create a strong target audience, perfect my mission statement, bring my core values to life, presented me with grant opportunities, and connected me with a trusted banker. I am so grateful to this company for all that they have done to assist me and also very grateful to BRAC for seeing my potential and connecting with such an AMAZING company!
frederique mitchellfrederique mitchell
02:58 26 Feb 23
I met Nesha through Baton Rouge Area Chamber and my experience with Conqueror Consulting Group has been a game changer personally and professionally. I'm so grateful our paths crossed so early in my business journey. Nesha is sopassionate about helping my brand grow into a respectable brand and I cannot wait to see where I am in a year after this experience.
Domonique MoselyDomonique Mosely
15:36 20 Feb 23
I am so thankful for BRAC for appointing Conqueror Consults and Nesha Brown. I love her organization and structure of her business. She listens to my every need for my business to become a successful reality. Nesha has helped me prepare for business ownership and I feel relieved to have her in my corner. She is a consultant and a spiritual cheerleader!! I would definitely recommend this awesome company. Thanks for everything!

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Our Committment is Business Done Right The First Time