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Founder Nesha Brown, was once an ignorant person who lacked financial literacy and proper business fundamentals. This eventually caused her to make detrimental financial decisions along the way. But before that, Nesha lived a pretty tragic life.
At a very young age, sheI lost her mom to ovarian cancer, and then grew up watching her dad poorly manage her monthly social security due to his alcoholism.
She graduated at the early age of 16, and that gave her the liberty to request for and manage her allowance. In no time though, she was in debt due to lack of financial literacy. By age 17, she had already gotten an apartment, enrolled in a community college, and had student loans piling up. This eventually led to her dropping out due to lack of funding. She had to work two jobs to pay her bills.
At 19, her dad died at work. She then had to move to Austin TX, to live with her uncle. While living there, she got involved in a toxic relationship leading to an incident that got her arrested for aggravated assault. The judge mandated that she attend group counseling for six months, in which she had to cover the expenses.
This period was when her  life took a 360-degree turn.
With no other option and with only $300 in her bank account, Nesha hired a financial advisor and enrolled in an online credit repair certification course to learn how to optimize her credit reports. 
As she started posting her credit repair process on social media, people got interested and began asking her for advice on how they should go about theirs.
As time went on, people started trusting her with their credit reports and by extension, their businesses. This gave her insight into the nitty-gritty of business operations, funding, marketing, customer service, etc. At that moment, she thought how better her life could have turned out if she had someone to teach her the ropes of starting and running a business at 16. She definitely would have made better decisions and had an independent and steady life free of debt and regrets.
Today, what started as a side hustle transitioned into a fully-fledged consulting agency helping people overcome the hurdles of financial dilemma’s and entrepreneurship. Conqueror Consulting Group now helps individuals and families on how to start a business and incorporate healthy money management habits in their daily lives to break cycles and build generational wealth.
Nesha’s ability to rise above adversity and make it her business to serve individuals within underserved communities  who just like her was ignorant in these area’s is what motivates her each day.  Conqueror Consulting Group mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop positive financial  behaviors, effectively organize and launch their creative concepts,  in return allowing them to turn their “side hustles” “skillsets” or “hobbies” into professional economically sustainable business models.
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