Your Online Instructor: Nesha Brown Professional Business Consultant & Marketing Strategist. 

Yes You’ve Heard It!! We've Taken our Business Development Classroom Experience Online


Conqueror Consulting Group online “Launch your Damn Business” course will equip aspiring entrepreneurs and new businesses with the practical tools and knowledge to form, organize, and effectively launch their business.

This course will help prevent those from having to test methods and rebrand multiple times before hitting the sweet spot in their business(es).

Our motto is “Business Done Right The First Time” and our team of professional experts will teach each enrolled student how to avoid denials, rejections, and careless mistakes using strategic preparation methods. 

If you’re ready to launch your new business idea, turn your side hustle into a business, or take your already established business to the next level enroll in the “Launch Your Damn Business” course today. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to become an Bossprenuer and Launch Your Damn Business this year. 

Our Small Business Course is an Online Self-paced Learning Experience for Aspiring Entrepreneurs who are ready to disrupt the normal, break down barriers, and turn their wildest dreams into reality. 

Meet Your Course Instructors.

Avis "Coach Curator" Brown CEO: Victory Unlimited Global

Ignited "Mental Health" for Small Businesses

Avis Brown “Coach Curator” brings her 25 plus years of experience as a Clinical Licensed Social Worker and Certified Life and Wellness Coach- working in high pressured positions, supervising teams, and developing treatments for her clients as a “blueprint” to gauge healthy coping mechanisms and strategies for stress reduction and personal development. Each Aspiring Entrepreneur or Small Business enrolled in this course will improve their mindset using Coach Curator’s tools and strategies increasing positivity and productivity throughout their Business Development Journey. 

Ebone Anderson Financial Center Specialist: Fidelity Bank

"Business Banking Done Right" " & "Preparing for a Traditional Loan - "Credit Readiness"

Ebone Anderson brings her 9 years of Banking Experience establishing new business accounts, processing loan applications, and providing financial education to her clients preparing them for business, home ownership, and other life endeavors that requires making financial decisions. In her role Ebone assist her clients with establishing financial plans that help them gain stability and long term success using products and services from a traditional bank. Notably, Ebone is a Treasurer for North Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce and she sits on the Advisory Board of Southern University IDA Program. Each Aspiring Entrepreneur or Small Business enrolled in this course will learn practical banking and money management techniques and learn how to get involved in Fidelity’s bank Power Program. 

Mary Bellengar
Investment Advisor and Regional Vice President: Primercia

"Building Your Financial House"

Mary Bellanger brings her 25 years in Financial Services building relationships and helping individuals protect themselves and their future. Mary Bellanger has helped 100’s of families understand how to properly build their financial house eliminating confusion, worry, and doubt. Most aspiring entrepreneurs have questions like, “How do I get life insurance after I leave my job?” “How can I start investing my money to payoff in the longterm?” Just like building a physical house, there are steps to build a solid Financial House and Mary Bellengar will explore these steps with each Aspiring Entrepreneur or Small Business enrolled in this course. 


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