Online Course Instructor: Nesha Brown Professional Business Consultant & Marketing Strategist. 

Yes, You’ve Heard It!! We've Taken our Business Beginner Classroom Experience Online

Online Business Beginner Course

Have you ever dreamed of being a successful entrepreneur? If Yes! CCG Online Business Beginner Course is the perfect program for you.  
One way to improve your chances of success as an entrepreneur is to develop a mindset focused on creating and seizing new opportunities.
However, it is also essential to prioritize your mental health and well-being, as starting and running a business can be stressful and overwhelming at times. 
Secondly, to ensure you are on the right track, you must gain clarity about your goals and take actionable steps toward achieving them. 
This includes developing a solid business plan and being responsible with your finances.
By building a solid financial foundation, you can position yourself to access traditional funding and put the proper tools and systems in place to run your business smoothly. 
Another key point is, leveling up your marketing efforts to reach a wider audience and grow your business over time.
The Online Business Beginner Course “Launch your Damn Business” course by Conqueror Consulting Group is designed to provide practical tools and knowledge to new businesses. 
Furthermore, it aims to help them develop skills to form, organize, and launch their business effectively. 
This course will help prevent aspiring entrepreneurs from testing methods and rebranding multiple times before hitting the sweet spot in their business(es). 
In fact, we use the motto “Business Done Right The First Time.” 
Our professional experts will teach enrolled new businesses how to avoid denials, rejections, and careless mistakes through strategic preparation methods. 
If you’re ready to launch your new business idea, turn your side hustle into a business, or take your already established business to the next level, enroll in the “Launch Your Damn Business” course today. 
Make sure you take advantage of the chance to become a successful entrepreneur and finally launch your business this year.

Conqueror Consulting Group online self-paced Small Business Course is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs eager to break down barriers, disrupt the norm, and turn their wildest dreams into reality. 

Meet Your Course Instructors.

Ebone Anderson Financial Center Specialist: Fidelity Bank

"Business Banking Done Right" " & "Preparing for a Traditional Loan - "Credit Readiness"

Ebone Anderson brings her 9 years of Banking Experience establishing new business accounts, processing loan applications, and providing financial education to her clients preparing them for business, home ownership, and other life endeavors that requires making financial decisions. In her role Ebone assist her clients with establishing financial plans that help them gain stability and long term success using products and services from a traditional bank. Notably, Ebone is a Treasurer for North Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce and she sits on the Advisory Board of Southern University IDA Program. Each Aspiring Entrepreneur or Small Business enrolled in this course will learn practical banking and money management techniques and learn how to get involved in Fidelity’s bank Power Program. 


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