Why Coaching is Essential to Your Small Business?

Coaching is a professional, client-centered, relationship that helps you avoid having to learn from trial and error in your business.. Each coaching session is designed to facilitate the creation/development of, professional, or business goals and to develop and carry out a strategy/plan for achieving these goals. Before you consider investing in coaching please assure you must have the capacity (time and mental space) to commit to any action plan created and will do what you agree to do to achieve desired results. 

If you’re up for the challenge and ready to move mountains in your business,, see our coaching solutions below. 

Coaching Solutions

One-time complimentary Virtual Coffee Chat

“Your first 15 minutes are on me!”

Do you have a million creative ideas running through your head but don’t know where to start? I’ve been there multiple times. Booking a virtual coffee chat will help you gain the clarity you need to pursue your purpose with passion and confidence. 

Do note the first 15 minutes of this chat is free. To make it a full consultation, connect in person or go more in-depth about business strategy, please select the appropriate paid “add on”.

“Corporate to Coins” Cohort

Corporate to Coins  is a space exclusively for aspiring entrepreneurs who desire to create an “exit strategy” to leave their career or day job. If you’re ready to build your business in the proper format that’ll allow you to go full time into entrepreneurship and manifest your dreams this is the program for you. This cohort will help you level up in multiple aspects not just limited to business, yet healing and breaking generational strongholds, so your future can make room for your influential presence. We will dive into mindset , money behaviors, and develop a solid business and sustainability plan for your vision and future. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Due to a high demand only a few applications are selected each quarter. You will be invited to book a “Discovery Call” if your application advances to the next phase. 

Duration: 90 Days Cost:$3280

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We understand that the economy is in a downhill spiral and we don’t want lack of “finances” to be the reason you’re not able to start laying the bricks to build your rome. Apply today for a scholarship to join the Corporate to Coins Cohort.

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Conquer & Prosper VIP Day Experience

One-on-One coaching working on your set forth goals and smaller milestones in between. This opportunity focuses on brand development, business structure i.e, operations and strategic marketing.

Before we have your VIP Day we typically discuss our agenda and what you want to accomplish on this day during a discovery call. These sessions are limited to 1 Macro  focus point and 1 Micro focus point.

Macro Focus Points:

 Website analysis and repositioning, Developing a brand voice, Developing a strategic marketing plan, Analyzing or revisiting a business plan, Business credit building strategy, Brand Workflow (systems and automations) , Brand Imagery, etc. 

Micro Focus Points:

Social media optimization (1), Business credibility analysis, Pricing format, Product development, Becoming “Bankable”, etc. 

Vip Days are best for aspiring entrepreneurs who need to move a little faster in setting up their Strategic Business Growth Plan. 

Duration: 4 Hrs. Cost: $1000

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Conqueror Credit Recovery Container

Coming Soon in Jan 2024

Duration: 45 Days

Monthly Coaching Retainer

This option is for aspiring entrepreneurs who’ve completed a project and/or coaching program with us and would like to subscribe and receive a set amount of hours to receive hybrid style coaching “maintenance” service. Keep in mind, this is maintenance for what we have already developed and begun implementing. If we haven’t already established a positive “working” relationship this will not be ideal for you. Please  contact Nesha@weconquer.org for more information. 

Duration: 5 hrs or 10 hrs per month.

Cost: 5 hrs  $750 10 hrs  $1500

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