Our Signature Single Services

We specialize in working with Aspiring Small Business Owners, Brands and Organizations with zero to five years of operations in their Industries looking to make a wider impact on a Local or State Wide Scale.

Our Business Plan Services

As professional Business Plan Consultants we help you identify your goals and how your business will reach these goals.

A business plan is your blueprint for making your business successful. It lays out your business concept, how you fit into the marketplace, and the details of how your finances will work. Your business plan is essential if you are going to need investors or a bank loan because they’ll want to see that you have thought things through. Even if you don’t need financing, a business plan is a great way to understand how your new venture will succeed and what issues you could face.

Our Business Plan writing services start at $1000 depending on the complexity of your plan.
All Our Business Plans consist of the Core Components
Executive Summary, Business Description, Market Analysis, Customer Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Operations Plan, Management Team, and a Financial Plan which can range anywhere between 15-25 pages.

In-depth market research, a marketing plan, and/or realistic financial projections is subject to additional fee’s.

To have an existing Business Plan edited ranges from $50 – $100 per hr.
Start Planning

Our Website Development Phases

Defining the goals and objectives of the project, determining the target audience, and establishing a budget and timeline.
During this phase the look and feel of the website is developed. This includes creating mockups and prototypes to visualize the website.
This is the phase where the actual coding and implementation of the website takes place.
During this phase we test the functionality of the website to assure everything is working efficiently.
Ready to go live!


What is Strategic Content Placement?

Organizing your website professionally in the format of headings, subheadings, bullet points, paragraphs, and CTA’s (call to actions) Positioning professional verbiage that speaks to the pain points of your target audience. In return your website will be attractive and easy to digest.

What is "copy" or "copywriting"?

Written text for the purpose of advertising. This form of written content aims to spread brand awareness and ultimately persuades potential customers to take action.

What is a Website Functionality Plan?

Website Functionality Plans are established after Website Development is completed i.e, “Phase Two” . Developing a Website Functionality Plan contributes to your Customer Journey. How your customer moves from point A to B in your sales cycle. The format will typically look like process development, putting the appropriate systems in place, connecting automations and integrations, testing your funnel, and lastly driving traffic to your funnel from social media channels.



Is Website Functionality Plan Cost Included In Initial Website Development Cost?

No, after you receive final delivery of your website you’ll have the option to setup a consultation and develop a new plan with your consultant regarding your System Functionality Plan. Phase 2 is subject to additional fee’s and a new agreement.